I’m a wife, mother, educator, and entrepreneur. With the help of my talented husband, I have developed this site to be a bit of an outlet as Peekaboos is created. This blog will peek into the development of a business, as well as provide commentary and links pertaining to play, toys, parenting, and child development.

Peekaboos is founded on the principle that play is an essential learning method for young children, which is largely misunderstood and misrepresented in young lives. Presently, our society puts tremendous pressure on parents and children to participate in “educational” play. Kate contends that all play is educational, but that our society needs to look at the educational aspects through a different lens. Play is most beneficial when children are allowed the creativity to explore and draw conclusions without a “correct” answer being the goal. Play is a building block for self-esteem, independence, socialization, language, literacy, mathematics, kinesthetic understanding, appreciation for the arts, and physical fitness. The importance of play is well-known, however the confusion lies in what is important play. Kate believes that all play is important, and that parents need not buy into the line of “educational toys” in order to make their children’s play meaningful. The goal should be to allow children to find a balance of different kinds of play experiences.

Parents fill a special role in their children’s play-lives. They are the first ones to play with their infant. Parents choose what are toys and choose when to play with their child, when the child plays alone, and when the child interacts with peers. Parents demonstrate how play works – when it’s open-ended and when it’s goal driven. Too often play in America is toy and goal driven, as well as geared to parental needs (such as a toy that can keep their child occupied without needing the help of an adult). Similarly, parents often do not find value in play that they personally do not enjoy.

At Peekaboos, children will experience a play space that is custom designed for their developmental needs using elements of universal design. They can play with toys that cannot be found in the average toy store. Additionally, children and parents/caregivers will explore how “real life” items can be used for play and how to make daily experiences, like running errands, playful.

Come play!

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