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customer_feedbackI have taken advice from some business savvy mentors and developed a survey to help focus Peekaboos’ development requirements. Lately I have had to force myself to take a breath and be more patient in this business development process. A lot needs to get done and I want to do it all NOW. My almost 5 year old daughter is so excited about the idea of Peekaboos and I can identify with her questions, “When can we invite kids and their parents to come and play at Peekaboos?” and “Can we open Peekaboos today?”
It is important to me that Peekaboos be built on a firm foundation with a clear plan and attainable goals, so I’m willing myself to be patient. Even so, I really want to open Peekaboos today with my 5 year old.
Starting today I will be touring my area, with my three children in tow, asking caregivers to fill out the survey. Help Peekaboos get closer to opening by taking a moment to answer a few questions.
Thank you!
And if you’re an entrepreneur, I would really appreciate a comment on how you discipline yourself to make your passion a success.

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