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chalkRemember that scene in Mary Poppins? Burt’s chalk drawing created a world where they could have a jolly holiday. These new spring days are such a tease for parents and children alike. This past weekend was gloriously sunny, but frigid. My daughters and their cousins wanted to spend some time outside. They immediately gravitated toward the clear bin sitting on the picnic table containing well-used sidewalk chalk. Four girls, ages 2, 4, 7, and 10, were all able to enjoy the same activity on their own level. Next time I’ll bundle up my 2 month old so he can enjoy witnessing the creations being made outdoors too.

Drawing with sidewalk chalk is a fun outdoor activity for all ages, even when it’s too cold to stay outside for an extended time. Don’t have any chalk? Try drawing with rocks and pebbles. Or draw in the dirt with rocks and sticks. Don’t forget to use your Outside Voice!

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03 2009

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    Erin, I’ve had too many of those too cold days! When it gets a bit warmer to at least venture out in the snow, you can use spray bottles filled with a mixture of water and food coloring to paint the outdoor blank canvas. In the meantime, good luck at Candyland!

  2. Beth #

    A great reminder! When we were little, my best friend and I used to collect dirt,pebbles,and bark and dump it onto a low cinderblock wall at the playground. Then we would search as long as it took to find the perfect piece of bark with a sturdy core to grip and a frayed end to use as a brush or mini-broom. We would expertly and carefully sweep away the dirt and bark shavings from the cinderblocks until we could identify something in the image or until we liked the pattern it left in the crevices of the bricks. We would check out eachother’s creations, sweep them clean, and repeat the process all over again. We loved it!

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    Kate- Elizabeth sent me to your blog and so I spent a few minutes reading this morning. I love it! I am always looking for creative ways to play with my kids, but sometimes I need it laid out for me. It does not come naturally to me. I wish that it did! I love being inspired by moms who it does come naturally to.

    I would love to go outside and play with the sidewalk chalk with my kids today. But, since there is around two feet of snow on the ground and it’s too cold to play outside, I’ll have to think of something else. Candyland maybe? :)

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